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This year’s community walking challenge has ended, and this site will be closing on Wednesday, June 9th. After that, South Peninsula Hospital employees will be able to log into their WalkerTracker accounts at sphosp.walkertracker.com and everyone can view the results of Homer Steps Up! 2021 on our Facebook page, or homerstepsup.com, also.

 Contact wellness@sphosp.org if you have any questions!

Homer Steps Up! 2021 is the 5th annual free community walking challenge for the Southern Kenai Peninsula. Teams of 5-24 members competed for the Small Teams Trophy and teams of 25 or more compete for the original Homer Steps Up trophy - the team with the highest cumulative average steps wins! 

Here are the results of Homer Steps Up! 2021:

Winners of the fourth week Prize Drawings for $40.00 in Homer Bucks! 

In the 35K-74,999 Total Weekly Steps from May 15 - May 22 Category:

  • Anna Sutton on the NTCCC Ninilchikens team with 62,272 steps!
  • Danielle Poindexter on the South Peninsula Hospital with 52,592 steps!
  • Luis Yoder on the City of Homer Parks & with 52,411 steps!

In the 75K-104,999 Total Weekly Steps from May 15 - May 22 Category:

  • William Beasley on the Spenard Builders Supply team with 76,077 steps!
  • Jenny Carroll on the City of Homer team with 84,154 steps!
  • Clyde Boyer on the Rotary Club of Homer-Kachemak Bay team with 78,260 steps!

In the 105K or more Total Weekly Steps from May 15 - May 22 Category:

  • Angela Giesker on the South Peninsula Hospital team with 132,546 steps!
  • Danielle Wythe on the Anything is Pawsible team with 115,263 steps!
  • Tim Gazsy on the Homer Hounds team with 153,616 steps!

Next, here are the winners of the three $100 End-of-Challenge Cash Prizes in the 140,00-274,999 total steps category:

  • Colette Ireland on the NTCCC Ninilchikens team with 240,765 steps!
  • Marketa Beck on the SVT Health & Wellness team with 221,374 steps!
  • Sarah Miller on the South Peninsula Hospital team with 254,088 steps!

The winners of the three $200 Cash prizes in the 275,000-419,000 Total steps category:

  • Drasida Basargin on the Rushin Ladies team with 300,473 steps!
  • Heather Kay Coates on the SVT Health & Wellness team with 300,404 steps!
  • Sydney Thielke on the Team Wild Rose team with 292,292 steps!

AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNERS of $300 in the 420,000 or More Total Challenge Steps from May 1 - 28:

  • Warren Hageman on the Safeway team with 497,376 steps!
  • Jenny Olson on the The Pratt team with 444,708 steps!
  • Kari Avendano on the South Peninsula Hospital team with 588,869 steps!

Did we reach 150 Million Steps Together in May?

The first year that Homer Steps Up! was a community walking challenge, we set a goal of 100 Million Steps Together in May, and fell short by just under 10 million steps. After two more years of PASSING that goal, we set and reached a 125 million community step goal. Curious how far we could really go, this year we tentatively set the 150 Million Steps Together goal saying "it's okay if we don't reach it, we've done that before".

LOOK AT US NOW! As a community, with around 700 participants over four weeks, we walked 164,202,611 steps - more than THREE TRIPS AROUND THE EARTH!!!

And the moment we've all been waiting for - the Final Results of Homer Steps Up! 2021!

Which Small Team and Big Team have won the Homer Steps Up trophies for 2021???

For the second year in a row, and in their second year as competitors, the Small Teams Trophy goes to the Harbor School of Music & Dance Team! 

In second place, the Fitness Junkies in their first year as a Homer Steps Up team! 

In third place, another new team this year, the Gait Crashers


In first place for the big teams YET AGAIN is the indomitable City of Homer Team!!! 

In second place, the NTCCC Ninilchikens, competing for the first time as a team! 

In third place, SVT Health & Wellness, one of our co-sponsors and original competitors since the first Homer Steps Up challenge!


Thank you to ALL of our participants, we hope you had fun! We will be adding some post-challenge feedback questions on the site, so please answer them if you can to help us make Homer Steps Up! 2022 even better.

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